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Polarized Lenses

Bambuddha Natural Bamboo Wood Sunglasses 

Our Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses are designed with preservation in mind, both for your eyes and the environment. 
Polarized Bamboo Sunny's

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How Polarized Sunglasses Can Keep You Safe and Comfortable in the Summer Sun

Our lenses:
100% UVA & UVB protection
Made of polycarbonate
Wooded bamboo sunglasses
Benefits of Polarized Lenses.
~ Enhances vision ~
Colors are more vibrant, images are crisper, and all things are beautiful. See the world clearly, live life in high definition. 
~ Reduces Glare ~
Blocks the reflection of sun rays off of surfaces, filtering the amount of light that enters the eyes. Makes activities such as sports or driving easier, and safer.
~ Soothes Eyes ~
Minimizes squinting, reducing strain on the eyes. Increases comfortability.
Bamboo Sunglasses
Sunglasses for men polarized  lenses

Quality Polarized Wood Sunglasses Crafted Out Of Bamboo!

Sun-drenched beaches are designed for our polarized bamboo wood sunglasses. Sustainable fashion and usefulness come together in these environmentally friendly polarized lens eco-friendly wooden sunglasses made of bamboo.

All of your favorite Bambuddha frame shapes and colors have high-quality, polarized lenses that offer additional eye protection. We're confident they'll become your new standard pair

Wooden bamboo brown sunglasses

Your sunglasses say something about your personality, so what does it say when you pick polarized shades from Bambuddha? Bambuddha's polarized bamboo sunglasses are designed to eliminate tired eyes caused by constant glare, so they’re a staple for anyone who spends countless hours working and playing outdoors. Plus, they enhance your vision clarity and provide a more genuine color rendering.

Bambuddha Bamboo polarized sun glasses are available in a huge assortment across all our frame styles, including Cat Eyes, Dark Summer, Dragonfly, Fiery Irie, Infinity, Lollipops, Mahogany, Mary Jane's, Moonshyne, Panther, Rainbows, The Sir, Woodsy, Ying & Yang, and finally Zen Masters.

No matter which style you choose, you can count on high-quality, affordable polarized lens sunglasses. Don’t forget to take advantage of our great warranty and free shipping on all orders.

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