Why Choose Sunglasses Crafted from Wood or Even Better, Bamboo!

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Bamboo sunglasses and Wooden sunglasses are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for ways to reduce their reliance on plastic. There are a few factors you should consider before buying sunglasses made from naturally grown resources, such as the quality of the lenses and the type of material used in their construction.

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Sunglasses should protect your eyes from the sun, but also look fabulous and expresses your unique personality.
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What are some of the Pros and Cons of Wearing Sunglasses Made from Wood or Bamboo? 

Sunglasses made from bamboo and wood are unique, chic, and stylish. They can be worn to create a variety of different looks, so you can find sunglasses that suit your expressive vibe.
Bamboo’s distinct grain makes it a very sturdy material with a  beautiful natural look.
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The main benefit of wearing wood or bamboo sunglasses is that they are more environmentally friendly. Making them a good choice for people who are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact on the earth.  If you're looking for an environmentally friendly option, consider eyewear made from Bambuddha!

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Bambuddha's pure bamboo sunglasses float, so no more losing them while on the water!

The Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Vs Wooden Sunglasses

Bamboo is a renewable resource that can regrow from the same stem after it has been harvested, while wood cannot. Bamboo grows quickly and does not require chemical treatments or fertilizers. In contrast, it takes many years for trees to grow to a size where they can be harvested for wood sunglasses.

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Bamboo is Stronger and More Durable Than Wood 

Bamboo sunglasses are stronger and more durable than wood sunglasses. Bamboo is a harder woody fiber than pine or cedar, so it is less likely to scratch or break. In addition, bamboo is a natural moisture repellent, so it will not warp or rot like wood sunglasses.

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 What is the Downside of Wooden or Bamboo Sunglasses?

The downside of wooden and bamboo frames is that despite being strong and durable, they won't hold up like traditional plastic sunglasses. This means you need to be careful and conscious while using them and try to avoid knocking them against hard surfaces as well as make sure not to do the common mistake of sitting on them. We’ve been there. :)
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Bambuddha Sunglasses come with a hard protective bamboo case as well as a soft one.

 Let's Talk About Lenses!

Sunglasses are an important part of any summer wardrobe, as they protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. 

Why Do I Need Protection From UV Light?

When looking for sunglasses, it's important to choose a pair that offers good UV protection. UV light is known to cause a number of problems, including cataracts, macular degeneration, and skin cancer. By wearing sunglasses that offer good UV protection, you may reduce your risk of developing any of these conditions.

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Why are there Different Colored Lens Sunglasses?

When shopping for sunglasses, it's important to consider the color of the lenses. Some colors are better at blocking out UV rays than others. For example, yellow and amber lenses are good at blocking UV rays, while rose-colored lenses are not as effective.
For instance, dark glasses are great for activities in the sun on a regular basis. Dark lenses reduce eye strain and glare while also reducing brightness in locations with bright and light conditions.
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For situations with low to moderate lighting, such as outside in the snow, consider lenses with light tints like orange or yellow.
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Yellow tones also are known to bring happiness into our lives and represent friendship. A different twist on seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

What's the Point of Wearing Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses are a type of lens that can be found in many sunglasses. They are designed to reduce glare, which is caused by light reflecting off of surfaces like water, snow, or the ground. Glare can cause eye strain, be annoying, distracting, and dangerous.
Polarized lenses work by filtering out this type of glare. This is done by aligning the polarized lens material with the horizontal lines of light. When light hits the lens, it is then filtered depending on its angle.
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Some people find that sunglasses with polarized lenses also improve contrast and clarity. This is because they reduce the amount of haze and glare in the environment, making objects appear sharper. People who have minor corrected lens glasses have also been astounded when trying on Bambuddha sunglasses, the lenses actually help to clarify their vision.


How to Care for your Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Caring for sunglasses made from wood or bamboo is relatively easy, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 
First of all, you should always store your bamboo and wood sunglasses in a case or pouch when they're not being worn. This will help to protect them from scratches and other damage.
"On your face are in the case" - My Mom
Be careful about the type of cleaner you use to clean your eco-friendly sunglasses. Some chemical cleaners can damage the natural material, so it's best to use a mild soap and water solution.
Lastly, remember after spending time in the ocean rinse your Bambuddha glasses with fresh water.
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To Wrap It All Up

Wearing sunglasses made from renewable resources is becoming more popular as people become conscious of the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle.
There are a few factors you should consider before buying bamboo sunglasses or wooden sunglasses: 
  • Consider the quality of the lenses and the type of wood or bamboo used in the craftsmanship. 
  • Compare the sustainability properties of choosing bamboo vs. Wood. Why choose bamboo over wood? Bamboo is better! But wood is better than plastic!
  • Remember to also pay special attention to the way you care for your glasses.
  • Check warranties offered by the brands. Bambuddha offers a lifetime warranty against any defects due to craftsmanship as well as replacement discounts for personal damage and lost or stolen sunglasses.  
We all desire to look and feel our best, but it's also important to ensure that we stay our best. Sunglasses that protect your retinas from the sun will ensure that your eyes remain healthy so that you can go on expressing your unique personality, looking and feeling good all at the same time.

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 Bambuddha in Byron Bay, Australia.

Eco-friendly sunglasses are a great choice for people who are looking for a sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional plastic sunglasses. They are also stylish and unique, which means you will stand out from the crowd.
So, if you're looking for a natural and eco-friendly alternative to those boring, plastic-polluting sunglasses, consider buying Bambuddha Sunglasses grown from nature. You'll be helping the environment and looking good all at the same time! 

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