Did You Know Bamboo Is A Grass?

Our Bamboo Sunglasses are designed with preservation in mind, both for your eyes and the environment. 

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Why Bamboo?

So often, as consumers, we buy merchandise without knowing what the products are made of or the ramifications of the production process. As an alternative to plastic and other synthetically manufactured materials, we chose bamboo for its many amazing natural qualities.

What is Bamboo?

Although bamboo is often mistaken as being wood, it is actually GRASS. Grass that grows like a weed. Even after harvesting, it can grow up to 3 feet a day. Wow! Talk about renewable. 

Bamboo's Origins

Bamboo is a grass that comes from the Poaceae plant family and grows easily and robustly in many forms. In just two or three years, a single plant can send out as many as 15, tripled shoots from its main taproot. It's one of the world's quickest-growing wood plants (grasses)! Unlike trees, it does not die after being chopped. It quickly reproduces the visible bamboo poles or "culms" after cutting down due.

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Bamboo poles grow at an average rate of 24 inches each day. Bamboo's fast regrowth and longevity take the pressure off hardwood forest logging, making it a more environmentally friendly option. Hardwoods, such as cedar, take a long time to grow post-size trees for cutting (up to 40 years). Bamboo grows considerably quicker. Thinning bamboo plants boosts their health and allows for 20 percent of the plant to be removed each year.

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Although bamboo is typically associated with the tropics, it may thrive in any climate! With a rapidly expanding population and an increasing demand for wood-based items, our world's hardwood supplies are being put under strain, as well as natural wildlife habitats. Bamboo is a high-performance choice that allows our magnificent trees to endure. 

The Surprising Strength of Bamboo

What is the strength of bamboo? It's a really hard, robust wood/grass. Consider this: Some of the most excellent hardwoods are found in tropical regions. Plantlife in these areas must endure frequent dampness, strong winds, hurricanes, drought, and other elements.

Bamboo is so robust that it has been used structurally in construction. For hundreds even thousands of years, it has been used this way. You can conclude that chairs constructed of bamboo would be high-quality and last a long time if they are utilized in construction and bridges.

The Benefits of Bamboo Sunglasses.

Unique Grain Appearance
 And of course, Eco-friendly
Combined with the lightweight nature of our polarized polycarbonate lenses, our sunglasses FLOAT.


Bamboo Sunglasses Float
With confidence and comfort, we can wear a piece of our earth that ultimately reconnects us with our natural world.


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